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Hoyas Basketball

Welcome to the new home of the Hoyas Basketball Club LLC.   The Hoyas Basketball Club is a youth travelling basketball club based in Stevens Point, WI.  We have teams spanning from 3rd to 8th grade.  We play tournaments within the Great Northwest Basketball League (GNBL).

Welcome back to the 2022-2023 Winter season for travel basketball.  I apologize for the timing of this, but we had some technological hurdles, and then I wanted to make sure we were clear of Panacea so this didn't get missed.


We are very excited for the upcoming winter season.  We were fortunate to return to hosting the 8th Grade Boys Wisconsin State Invitational Tournament last March, which is our major and only fund raiser for the year, and are looking forward to continuing this relationship with the Great Northwest Basketball League (GNBL).  This partnership has allowed us to offer scholarships, and help in many facets of Pacelli by donating to many varsity and middle sports, as well as many other educational avenues.


This past year, however, there were many difficulties with the tournament hosting.  Due to late confirmation of facilities (We utilize UWSP, Pacelli, SPASH, and at time other locations), and due to these late notifications we had difficulty staffing.  Many parents had already made plans and were unavailable.  We understand that, so we have decided to make some changes to our registration.


Registration fees are now $150.  This is a significant increase, and the first we have made in some time.  However, the increase is not really an increase.  The usual $75 registration remains, and there is a $75 increase as a surcharge, guarantee that you will volunteer for the state tournament to work admission and/or concessions.  If you complete the volunteer requirement, you will be refunded your $75 surcharge.  The regular $75 is still eligible for reimbursement for participation in a summer camp as well.  So you can potentially still play for "free".  You pay $150.  You work the state tourney, you get $75 reimbursed.  Your son or daughter does an eligible summer camp, you can get an additional $75 reimbursed.


THIS IS NOT A BUY OUT OF WORKING THE TOURNAMENT!!   It is our preference that everyone works and we have a successful tournament.  It is meant as a way to help offset costs if we need to hire workers or pay increased fees to keep the tournament functioning.  Those that fail to work and forfeit the first $75, are not eligible to receive the second $75 for a camp, and may not be eligible for future scholarships or other additional benefits in the future.


This years 8th grade state tournament is March 25th and 26th.  


We are very excited for the upcoming winter, and to have another successful state tournament, and that cannot happen without your help and support.


Registration will remain open until October 1.  Late registrations may not be accepted.

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